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Prostitution Around The World


Neither Legal nor Illegal 

In Portugal Prostituition was decriminalized in 1982, it means  is not ilegal anymore but is not also  Legal till today .

Portuguese Penal Code provides it is a crime Sexual explotation and human trafficking but it doesn`t punish women sex workers .

In 2011, was created the  Sex Work Network to promote  defense of human rights, Social and labor rights of sex workers  and combat the discrimination and violence against sex workers that fight  for recognition of sex work as comercial activity in exchange of money .

This situation is the same in Countries as  Espanha, Itália e Brasil, being criticized  for not providing legal support even no acess to healthcare to sex workers.

In  Brasil, same situation as in Portugal, regulation has been discussed with the called  "Lei Gabriela Leite". Name of a Brasilien sex worker activist for legalization, the law includes right to a reform of 25 years of discounts to sex workers .


 In Holland first countrie in legalization of prostituition as sex worker something that happened in 2000. 

Sex workers in Hollanda have to obtain a municipal license  to work  and are able to get  social security support , as unemployment allowance .

In German, similar regime since 2002.

After July of 2017, sex with prostitutes without a condom is prohibited. Besides The sex houses must comply with hygiene standards and health and safety standards. Sex workers must obtain  a Certificate renewed every 2 years.

In  Denmark, the activity is also regulated and sex workers pay taxes, but dont have social security supportmas .

In New Zealand sex worker was descriminalized in  2003, approving the reform law of prostitution.

In Austrália, sex work is not is not Legal in all countrie, but several states regulated the activitymas, Victoria was  first in legalization 1984. 

Na Ásia, in several countries is permited reason  for tourist attraction as in  Thailand great source of economic income.

In Bangladesh one of the few Muslim countries where sex work is legal,but women sex works doesn have  same rights  they are oftenvictims of poverty and trafficking and seen as proporty of brothelse, being obliged to pay debts.

Customer Punishment

Customer Punishment

Called the new abolitionism, the purpose is to end prostituution, curent model in Sweden, Norway, Island and France, consider purchaseing sexual services as a crime. Therefore the punisment  falls on the customer or client, that can go to prison .

Sweden was the first with the law in  1999, supported by the principle  that the prostitution is a way of violence against women and sign of gender inequality. Prostitutes are victims and clients  are aggressors.

In France was approve similar regime in  2016, imposing fines, amount 3750 euros for anyone who buys  buy sexual services .

In Norway, punishment exists since 2009 and the countrie also punishes citizens  who engage in sexual tourism.

In  Finland punishment also exists.

The Customer Punishment also exists in countries as follow:  UK, Canadá, North Ireland, Singapure, South África and South Korea Corea.

The Prohibition

Most of Eastern European countries, as  Albânia, Azerbeijan, Bielorrússia, Croatia, Bósnia, Sérvia, Slovenia, Geórgia, Moldávia, Roménia, Ucrânia e Rússia criminalize prostitution with fines for those who dedicate to prostitution an brothel owners.

The reality of sex paid is very natural in ex-Soviet Union, although not permited,it is also prohibited .

In United States is prohibited except Nevada, where is legal.

In japan, the anti prostitution law only prohibits vaginal penetration in exchange for payment between strangers.

The topic is controversial without unanimity about the  law. If criminalization or regulation.